Frequently Asked Questions

QDo you have to go all weeks?

A– No, you can choose any weeks in any order.

QWhat do I need to do to reserve a spot for my child?

A-You have to send a check with the $75 application fee and $25 dollar deposit for each week checked.  Also application fully filled and signed. Second child is $25 off application.

QWhy is the application fee $75?

A- This will get you 3 camp t-shirts, camp bag, and a money holder.  We call it the Superstar Pack. It also covers some of their insurance.

QIs the $25 dollar deposit for each week plus the $180?

ANo, the $25 will be deducted from the weekly rate of $180.  $155 will be due each Monday before the start of the week. The $25 is to reserve a spot for the week. 

Q-When is the last day to get the lower price per week?

A–  On our Open House.  After that it becomes $180.00 per week instead of $170.  We do this because we pre-buy tickets at discounted prices.  Tickets to most field trips go back to regular prices after the May, 2020 Open House.

QDoes my child have to be at camp at 7:30 a.m.?

A– No, we have this for the early working parents.  We never leave camp before 8:30 a.m. usually we are back on campus by 5:00 p.m.  We will announce anything with special circumstances.

QCould I pick up my child early from camp?

A-Yes, you could pick them up at anytime.  If they are off campus, you can pick them up from the site.  Please call to confirm.  If we do not answer the phone and we will call you right back.  We are probably driving the buses.

Q-Could I pay with a credit card?

A- No, just check or cash.

Q- How can my child receive a trophy?

A-Campers that attend 5 weeks or more earn a trophy. They do not have to be consecutive weeks…or if they get voted by their peers and counselors for the “Camper of the Year” award.  No minimum weeks needed to earn this award.

Q-If I miss a week could I transfer the $25 deposit toward another week?

A- No, because we hire staff according to the number of campers signed up, we pre-buy field trips tickets and prepay our insurance.   We can’t transfer deposits to other weeks once camp has started. March 31, 2020

Q-How are the campers put into groups?

A-We group them by what ever grade they just completed.

Q-Could I sign up my child for only certain days of the week?

A-No, we have to pay for their insurance for the entire week, plus hire staff.

Q-Could I sign up for more weeks, even if I did not give a $25 deposit?

A-Yes, as long as we have space in their age group.  Full amount is due on the Monday morning of the week attending.

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